A large television network, known for seeking out and taking risks on new creative opportunities, was looking for solutions that would allow them to tap into the creative minds of their employees.


To amplify the television networks creativity and innovation capabilities, they engaged in a pilot with Doable, a platform for building cultures of innovation, to help transform their company’s innovation attitude and aptitude. Together we hoped to make it easier for employees to submit diverse and exciting ideas with a real chance of seeing them built. In order to harness the creativity within the network, we created multiple challenges to spark interest among the diverse user group. These challenges ranged from internal initiatives to external facing ventures, and gave each employees the ability to find challenges that they found most relevant and interesting to their own work life.


The network and Doable pilot launched in November, with great support from management. The CEO announced the launch during the annual company offsite, where she gave her full endorsement of the initiative and outlined the platform and process through their own version of the Doable introduction video. Once the whole company knew what to expect, we set about getting the platform ready for employees to participate in the challenges. We began by holding an idea-seeding workshop with a few employees to pre-populate the platform with ideas. This meant when employees arrived to the site the first time, there was content to demonstrate what was expected of users and to inspire them to come up with ideas of their own. This was very successful, and once we opened the platform to the entire. organization, ideas started to flow in. We logged close to 500 sessions on Doable within the first day of going live. To support the initiative, we had two staff members act as community managers for the program, playing the essential role of leading communications to the company and championing events throughout the organization.

It was fun to see people actually get into it and see all of their different ideas against the challenge.

Within the first few weeks, employees had proposed dozens of ideas to the challenges issued by the company. To help encourage idea submission, the network hosted Think-a-thons across multiple offices in the U.S.. Employees came to these events to ideate, discuss the challenges, and vote on ideas. These events were a huge success and not only led to more ideas and engagement on the platform but also improved the general 'water cooler' conversation around the office.

I thought it was great because people felt like before this, there was no place for people to share their ideas.

To help keep awareness of the initiative high, a series of Doable posters were displayed around the New York office. In addition to these communications, we scheduled emails to be sent to users periodically over the course of the initiative to keep everyone informed on what was happening on the platform and drive them back to Doable.

The outcome from this first set of challenges was extremely positive. We not only created a process to capture and refine The Network's creativity, but also created an entrepreneurial mindset and cultural movement among employees of coming forth with new solutions, building out the best solutions and finally implementing them. Based on the large percentage of active participants who submitted ideas and those who engaged in voting, commenting, and applauding, we believe that the Doable pilot resulted in a more creative and collaborative community.

Shows a sign of our culture shifting for the better



User activation across the entire company


Minutes spent on Doable per session


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